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NEW PATH therapy is a 501c3 non-profit institution which empowers therapists to provide world class mental health care to couples in need.

New Path operates the NEURODIVERSE THERAPY GROUP whose main focus is on neurodiverse clients (primarily autism and ADHD) who are vastly underserved by practicing clinicians.

We support the neurodiverse community through:

We support to neurotypical couples through:

Lastly, we strive to create a safe place for new therapists to support each other and explore the nature and meaning of their life's work.


We are called to be healing agents in this world of hurt and pain. 


As a New Path therapist, you are free to run your life as you see fit.


You chose:

  • when you want to work (you set your hours)

  • where you want to work (we are a 100% remote team)

  • your clinical approach (EFT, IFS, Gottman, Imago, Eclectic, Narrative, Solution Focused, CBT...), and

  • how much you charge.

By having agency over your life and your craft, our hope is that you will unlock your ultimate potential as a healer (see core value #1). 


Therapy can be lonely and challenging. We encourage our team members to go out of your way to support each other.


We all have a deep desire to learn and develop new skills. We don't wait for someone to teach us. We learn by trying.


Our approach to therapy is for you to discover YOUR OWN approach.


We believe that therapists learn the most when they have the freedom to chart their own path. "Freedom" is a core value at New Path. Having the freedom to find your own wisdom from within is more important than using a technique from a book or manual or blindly doing what you told. 

At New Path Couples Therapy, you will be exposed to many different mainstream approaches such as EFT, Family Systems, Narrative, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, CBT and Imago Therapy. But ultimately, you will show up in the room with your own blend of healing practices.


Our job at New Path Couples Therapy is to travel with you as you explore the vast and exciting world of therapy. 


Applications are handled by our partner organization, the Couples Recovery Center

"Success as a therapist is not found in DOING something for the client, but rather in BEING something for the client."

Ili Rivera Walter
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